Robin falck nido

In 2010 I wanted to build a place of my own. I found this beautiful slot and I set out to design a compact get-away for myself. I found this beautiful slot and I set out to design a compact. Muotoilija Robin Falck suunnitteli Nido-mökkinsä Sipoon saaristoon. Valoisan tilaihmeen hinnaksi tuli 10 000 euroa. Suomalaisen Robin Falckin, 24, minimökki kiinnostaa maailmalla. Nido-nimistä mökkiä ylistettiin jo vuonna 2012 useissa blogeissa, minkä.

Robin Falckin suunnittelema Nido on mökki pienoiskoossa. Tämä veikeä 9 neliömetrin kokoinen minimökki sopii esimerkiksi loistavaksi lisämajoitustilaksi. Tämä veikeä 9 neliömetrin kokoinen minimökki sopii esimerkiksi loistavaksi. Robin Falck became tired of daydreaming about building his dream home, so he set about creating his very own lakeside cabin in the beautiful Finnish. Robin Falck’s lakeside cabin in Finland is just 96 square feet, has a 50. Loosely translated Nido means Bird’s nest in Italian, which speaks to. In 2010, Robin Falck wanted to build a place he could call his own. He named his humble abode Nido, which is Italian for ‘birds nest’.

Designer Robin Falck has created his very own micro home that is. I call my house “Nido” which loosely translated into Italian means “Birds nest. Anticipating a one-year stint in the military, owner Robin Falck. Muutama vuosi sitten suomalainen suunnittelija Robin Falck suunnitteli ja. Nido-nimiseksi ristitty mökki on rakennettu Falckin suvun. Designed and built by Falck himself, the tiny house ‘Nido’ is functional, creative, sustainably driven space in scenic Helsinki. Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.

The tiny house was conceived and built in Finland by Robin Falck with a footprint purposely small enough to not need permits. Built overlooking a lake in Finland, this Micro Cabin, nicknamed "Nido," was designed and built by Robin Falck to enjoy once out of the military. But in 2010 Robin Falck actually designed and built an itsy-bitsy Finnish dream house in the woods, a project he fantasized about and finally.

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